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Mt. Juliet mayor appoints fish sandwich as commissioner

Mt. Juliet, TN - Mt. Juliet Mayor Ed Hagerty appointed a filet o'fish sandwich as District 4 commissioner during Monday's meeting after the commissioners became deadlocked over a District 4 appointee.

Attendees say the commissioners voted five times without consensus before the Mayor finally gave up and turned off his microphone to snack on a fish sandwich. Mayor Hagerty reportedly told the commissioners, "OK, gentlemen, I’m going to just turn the microphones off and we can just sit here. We might as well appoint this fish sandwich at this point."

"At first we though he was joking," one anonymous commissioner told reporters. "But then he called for a vote."

One unnamed commissioner said, "I'm sorry to say that we failed the community. We were all starving and it smelled so good. We gave in. We caved." The fish sandwich won the appointment with three yea and one nay.

The meeting was adjourned and commissioners solemnly went home to reflect on what they had just done. We caught up with a second unnamed commissioner after the meeting outside of Captain D's on Mt. Juliet road. He also expressed his disappointment in himself and the commission before ordering a three-piece combo to go.

Mayor Hagerty was unavailable for comment and the fish sandwich was nowhere to be found.

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