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N. Korean threat to 'bring U.S. to its knees' positive sign things getting back to normal

Washington, DC - North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un vowed on Saturday to focus all his energies on destroying the United States in the coming year.

Kim announced his 2021 New Year's resolution during a Rotary Club luncheon at a Pyongyang Holiday Inn.

"This year, I resolve to make a bunch of nukes and bring the United States to its knees," said Kim, according to sources. "I also hope to lose a few pounds if I have time," he added.

Coincidentally, a survey conducted late yesterday found that 100% of the North Korean population also resolved to crush the United States in 2021.

American political analysts say Kim's threat is a positive sign that things are getting back to normal ahead of President-elect Biden's inauguration.

"We haven't heard this kind of rhetoric since 2015," said one analyst. "It gives me a lot of hope for the future."

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