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Nashville asks criminals to stop breaking law until state fixes plate tracking issue

Nashville, TN - Just days after Nashville approved a six-month pilot for its license plate reader program, city officials learned that its state-of-the-art cameras do not recognize the newly designed Tennessee license plate.

While officials quickly halted the distribution of the new plate, over 400,000 Tennesseans have already received the new design. Now, the city is asking for help.

A representative told reporters, "If you are one of the 400,000 Tennesseans who received the new plate, and happen to be a criminal, we are asking that you abstain from all illegal activities until we can issue you a plate we can track. Please do us this solid."

The representative did not give a timeframe for the new rollout or instructions on how to exchange the faulty plates. It is also unclear how much the mistake will cost Tennessee taxpayers.

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