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Nashville celebrates April Fool's Day by announcing they plan to fill potholes

Nashville, TN - The city of Nashville joined in the April Fool's Day festivities on Thursday morning by announcing they plan to fill the city's potholes.

The statement reads, "We are excited to announce that every pothole in Middle Tennessee will be filled by the end of the week! Trust us! We promise! <wink>"

The release continues to outline the city's plan to close down every highway, road, and side street on Friday around 5:00 p.m. to allow crews to fill the potholes all at once.

"This is great news," said one Nashvillian we interviewed. "Why did they add the wink, though?"

A representative we spoke to assured us that pothole repair is one of the city's top priorities. It is important to note he was snickering throughout his comments.

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