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Nashville converts Batman Building into Yoda Building for May the Fourth

Nashville, TN - While the Music City skyline is constantly changing these days, May the Fourth took it to a whole 'nother level! In fact, a whole 'nother galaxy. One far, far away!

Nashville's core of engineers worked diligently overnight to convert the famed Batman Building into the Yoda Building in honor of STAR WARS Day.

According to a city spokesperson, the intricate process of removing the antennas and replacing them with the 20-ton Yoda ears took 300 workers a little over eight hours.

Sources say workers braved the rain and lighting to make it happen despite several attempts by the safety commission to call it off.

"Nashville's been through a lot and really needed this," said lead engineer Tom Walker. "Yes, there were some close calls, but we pulled it off. I guess the Force was with us."

It is unclear how long the Yoda ears will remain in place and if this was a one-time conversion or will be an annual tradition.

It is also unclear if taxpayers funded the $90 million project or if it was paid for by a private contributor.

Either way, May the Fourth Be With You!

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