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Nashville diner earns perfect score on failed health inspection

Nashville, TN - A Nashville diner made history on Wednesday when it became the first restaurant in Music City to score a perfect score on a failed health inspection.

"I guess we really shouldn't celebrate, but you gotta admit it's pretty impressive," said owner Richie Grieco.

The inspector who performed the audit said the diner was the worst he had seen in his 30-year career.

"Let me put it this way, they have a sign in the kitchen that says 'Please don't overfeed the mice,'" said the inspector. "Yet, we still found a tiny food bowl on the floor full of cheese."

According to an unnamed employee, the inspector gave the kitchen staff multiple opportunities to at least score a few points, but they failed to pick up on the hints.

"The inspector repeatedly offered the cooks a minute to wash their hands while he waited, but they just said, 'We're good.'"

The diner is currently closed pending a follow-up inspection.

Grieco told reporters that he and his staff are working diligently to score a 70 when the inspector returns next week.

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