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Nashville duo hopes photo op with Dorian red Jeep will help give fledgling careers a surge

Myrtle Beach, SC - A Nashville country duo, The Jeepers, are hopeful that a photo op of them with the red Jeep caught in the Hurricane Dorian surf on Myrtle Beach will help give their fledgling careers a needed surge.

The duo was in Columbia for a gig when they first saw the video of the stranded vehicle on the beach. Lead guitarist, Kevin Rogers, told reporters, "We were having a morning drink at this dive bar when it hit the news. We just both looked at each other and knew without a word that this was a golden opportunity we couldn't waste."

The duo reportedly drove the 150 miles in less than an hour and a half, hoping that the Jeep would still be stuck when they got there. Bassist, Bill Mannly, said, "Kevin was driving and I just kept checking the live feed. We were so happy it was still being ravaged by the sea when we got there."

The duo spent the next hour taking photos and trying to get on as many news station broadcasts as possible. Witnesses say they initially created a cardboard sign with the link to their webpage, but it blew away in the 70 mph winds.

Early reports show their efforts earned them two new Spotify listens and one Facebook like, although they can't attribute the numbers directly to their efforts.

After one journalist criticized the musicians for taking advantage of others' misfortunes for their own gain, the duo promised to donate 1% of proceeds from all album sales this week to hurricane relief.

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