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Nashville family plans to move kids' table outside to meet 8-person Thanksgiving limit

Nashville, TN - Moments after Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced an 8-person limit on Thanksgiving gatherings, locals John and Amber Helms began brainstorming how to narrow their already-invited guest list.

They quickly changed their minds when John suggested a creative solution. Amber told reporters, "And that's when John said, 'We're only at twelve guests and four of them are kids. Can't we just move the kids' table outside?'"

Amber quickly checked the 10-day forecast and found Nashville is expecting a high of 63F and a low of 48F on Thanksgiving. Both agreed that the kids should be fine for a few hours and set plans in place to move the kids' table to the backyard.

"There's about a 40% chance of rain on Thanksgiving so we're going to get them some really cool turkey-themed umbrellas," said John. "They're going to love it."

Our reporters were present when the Helms shared the exciting news with their children. All four said, "I hate you," and slammed their bedroom doors.

The parents assured reporters that was normal and feel it went well.

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