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Nashville man drives entire 400-mile Yard Sale to score mint-condition Thighmaster

Nashville, TN- Johnny Allen loves two things in this world: Yard Sales and Suzanne Somers. Both of his passions collided this weekend when the Nashville native drove the entire length of Kentucky's 400 Mile Yard Sale and found a mint-condition ThighMaster.

"I was excited to find one in such perfect shape, but when I saw Suzanne's autograph, I lost it," said Allen.

Allen says he will add it to his extensive collection of vintage Thighmasters and hopes to visit the next Antique Roadshow to estimate its value.

"I'm thinking it's at least worth $20,000 with Suzanne Somers' autograph," Allen told reporters. "Not bad when I only paid $500 for it."

The 400 Mile Yard Sale continues through Sunday.

Photo Credit: Rubbermaid Products via Flickr

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