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Nashville man assembles sled dog team of neighborhood pets for run to Whataburger

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Lennie Valence has waited over a year for Whataburger to open its Nashville location. So the moment he learned the opening date, he made plans to visit the beloved restaurant on January 6. Then came the snow.

Undeterred by the cold and hazardous road conditions, Valence did the only thing a Whataburger lover could do. He assembled a sled dog team of neighborhood pets to make his inaugural run to the beloved restaurant.

Neighbors say they were initially confused when Valence knocked on their doors to ask for their animals.

One neighbor described the exchange to reporters, "When he first asked if he could borrow my dog, I was like, 'No way.' But when he told me where he was going and offered to grab me a combo, I was like, 'Take him. You want my cat, too?' Surprisingly, he did."

At the time of this posting, Valence has returned safely and all animals are doing well, resting at home.

Valence says he may make another trip on Friday if the snow continues to block the roads.

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