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Nashville may soon require all animals wear masks in public

Nashville, TN - According to reports, Nashville may soon require all animals to wear masks in public. Proposed Public Health Order 66 would require all animals to wear face coverings while outdoors and in the proximity of humans and other animals.

It is still unclear if the mandate would only apply to domestic pets or would also include feral animals such as birds, snakes, and squirrels, to name a few.

Public reaction has been divided. One man told reporters, "I think it's only fair. Why should I have to wear one and they can just run around loosey-goosey?"

Another man said, "What a waste of taxpayer money. I don't want to pay for all those little masks."

A metro animal control spokesperson said they would have to hire thousands of additional officers to enforce the order, not to mention countless workers to create the tiny masks.

The Inquisitor Nashville reached out to city officials for more details but our calls were not returned.

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