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Nashville Mayor hopes 32% tax hike doesn't kill morale of unemployed, pandemic-ridden city

Nashville, TN - Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced a 32% property tax increase on Tuesday afternoon to mitigate an expected $472 million revenue shortfall caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

According to a spokesperson, "Mayor Cooper's biggest fear is killing the morale of our beautiful, largely unemployed, pandemic-ridden city."

The spokesperson went on to say that the Mayor is more determined than ever to reopen the economy as quickly as possible so that out-of-work employees will be able to pay the extra tax burden when it comes due.

An unnamed council member, who plans to vote on the increase, told reporters, "You know there is never a good time to raise property taxes by a third, so why not do it while people are already struggling to pay their bills." He added, "I'm just glad I live in Williamson County."

Financial analysts say adding taxes to thousands of laid-off area workers is Mayor Cooper's best chance to prevent laying-off government workers, including his team of 30.

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