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Nashville's calls to 'Bring Back Briley' confirm what he always knew, 'You'll be back'

Nashville, TN - Former Nashville Mayor David Briley, who was defeated by John Cooper in the 2019 mayoral election, has to be feeling pretty good about himself this week.

As Mayor Cooper's office struggles with leaked emails, a repeal of a 34% tax increase, and a rejected request for state funding, many Nashvillians are calling for the city to "Bring Back Briley."

Many Nashvillians have turned to social media with "I miss Briley" posts and demands that the city reinstates Briley immediately.

While the former mayor has not made any public statements, sources say Briley quietly predicted Nashville would miss him when they elected Cooper last September.

One anonymous source says, "I remember Briley standing there when they announced Cooper won. I heard him say to himself, 'Oh Nashville. You'll be back, time will tell. You'll remember that I served you well.' He was so right."

The Inquisitor Nashville reached out to Mayor Briley for remarks. He respectfully declined to comment but did say, "Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da. Da da dat dat da ya da..."

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