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Nashville's new 'Fun Nun Tractor Run' offers sin-free alternative to party buses

Nashville, TN - Amid the excessive drinking, eating, and dancing you will find downtown Nashville, there is now a more devout alternative to the party scene.

Nashville's Fun Nun Tractor Run began operating this weekend, offering 60-minute sin-free tours of Nashville.

Tour owner J.C. Hart told reporters, "Each exciting tour offers stops at ten downtown churches, a free hula hoop lesson, a bubble-blowing contest, and a sing-a-long to your favorite hymns."

To create the perfect environment, no drinking, smoking, dancing, cursing, or shouting are permitted during the trip. Male and female guests will also be separated to minimize the temptation to fraternize.

Nashville's Fun Nun Tractor Run operates Monday-Saturday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., closed on Sunday. The cost of the ride is donation-based, as a plate will be passed around during the tour.

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