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Nashville deploys new Mask Enforcement Enforcement Unit to cite officers not citing non-maskers

Nashville, TN - Nashville's Metro Council agreed on Wednesday to deploy a new Mask Enforcement Enforcement Unit to cite any police officer who fails to cite visitors breaking the city's mask mandate.

After twenty days of downtown mask enforcement, officers have given 14,299 verbal mask warnings but zero citations. This task force aims to improve these statistics.

A Metro spokesperson announced the new task force to Metro officers on Wednesday afternoon in a fiery locker room style speech.

"If we were a football team, we'd be 0-14,299. Those are Cincinnati Bengals numbers. But this is Nashville. We want to be the Titans. Well, on a good year. Think of this new enforcement enforcement unit as referees who are going to call the penalties. We've got to be disciplined and we've got to play by the rules. Now go out there and score."

Presumably inspired by the speech, metro officers quickly made their first arrest related to the health order just hours later. A 61-year-old man was booked for repeatedly violating the mask mandate.

We reached out to Metro for comment. A spokesperson simply replied, "Touchdown."

The mask enforcement enforcement unit will operate daily along Broadway during the same hours as the mask enforcement units.

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