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Nashville's new micro apartments offer 25 sq. ft. suites for just $1,100 per month

Nashville, TN - As more and more Americans relocate to Nashville, rental costs are at an all-time high, and up 15% since last year.

Now, one housing developer has made it his mission to offer luxury housing at an affordable price.

Bill Daily, CEO of Music City Micro Life (MCML), has announced the company is now accepting applications for its three new developments, a series of micro-apartment buildings just minutes from downtown.

Daily told reporters, "Each micro-apartment offers a luxurious 25 sq. ft. suite, fully furnished with state-of-the-art mini-appliances and micro-technology. All for just $1,100 per month."

For those on a tighter budget, MCML also has a limited number of spacious 15 sq. ft. units for just $900 per month.

For those with more to spend, the buildings feature several 100 sq. ft., 2-bedroom penthouse suites for only $1,600 per month.

"We are excited to bring Nashville an affordable housing option in three premium locations, including Nolensville Road, Trinity Lane, and Dickerson Pike," said Daily.

All units come with free high-speed internet for the first 60 days. Pricing information did not list monthly internet costs after the free trial period.

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