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Nashville's newest speakeasy is so secretive not even employees know where it is

Nashville, TN - Nashville entrepreneur Kyle Henton set out with one vision when he created Nashville's newest speakeasy: "Make a club so secret that not even the employees can find it."

Now, that vision has come to life. The luxury club, which does not have a name or disclosed location, quietly opened on Monday.

Henton reportedly held job interviews at a local hotel where he hired a half dozen servers and bartenders, but none have been able to find their new workplace so far.

One bartender told us, "I know I work there. I just don't know where 'there' is. When I ask the owner, he just says it's in Nashville."

Several other employees say they have also been looking but can't find any information online.

"I would think it was a scam if he hadn't given me a $2,000 cash sign-on bonus." said another employee.

So far, Henton says business has been slow, but he hopes to get his first customer in the next couple of months.

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