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Nashville's new zig-zag bike lanes causes huge kinks in traffic

Nashville, TN - Nashville began testing its new zig-zag bike lanes on Wednesday in an effort to encourage cyclists to bike to work by making it more fun.

The plan, meant to improve the flow of highway traffic, had the opposite effect on the city streets where it was tested. In some cases, traffic backed up for a mile as cyclists tried to navigate the new course.

One cycling commuter said it took him an extra 55 minutes to get to work as bikers bottle-necked at each turn. A driving commuter said the new lanes tacked on an additional hour to his commute.

Project leader Jennifer Schwinn told reporters, "We have definitely identified some kink we did not anticipate, but we remain optimistic and committed to this project."

Despite the significant delays for both bikers and motorists, Schwinn says the team plan to expand the testing area in the coming weeks and hopes to have the new lanes on every city street in Nashville by the end of 2020.

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