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Nashville's newest rooftop honky-tonk excited to introduce Zip Line Dancing

Nashville, TN - Melvin Chestnut, owner of Nashville's newest rooftop honky-tonk, Dungaree's Bar & Dance Hall, is excited to introduce Zip Line Dancing to Music City.

"We are the first of our kind," said Chestnut. "Imagine boot-scootin' to your favorite country songs while flying 40 miles an hour above the streets of Nashville. That's exactly what we are offering."

According to the website, each tour begins with a brief safety presentation, followed by a custom line dance lesson to teach the moves that will be used throughout the dancing adventure.

Once everyone feels comfortable with the choreography, riders are equipped with harnesses and earbuds so they can synchronize their dance steps even mid-flight.

The ride lasts the length of an entire country song, around three minutes. Following the flight, customers are invited to dance the night away on Dungaree's state-of-the-art dance floor.

Dungaree's Zip Line Dance Tours is now accepting reservations.

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