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Nashville's Shadow Patriot seeking superhero sidekick?

Nashville, TN - As if Nashville wasn't lucky enough to have one superhero, we may soon have two! Signs posted on telephone poles throughout downtown Nashville suggest our very own late-night protector, Shadow Patriot, may be taking on a sidekick.

One man who asked to only be identified as Citizen Midnight, told reporters, "I've been training for this moment my whole life. I just hope he chooses me... and my mom lets me do it."

Several other aspiring heroes who spoke to The Inquisitor said they have also requested auditions, including the Shady Watcher, Dusky Volunteer, and Nighty Knight. None have heard back from Shadow Patriot, but they are all optimistic about their chances.

There are signs that Shadow Patriot may be auditioning several dozens of potential sidekicks. A representative for a local clothing store said they have experienced an unprecedented increase in demand for unitards, leotards and spandex. It is unclear if this is related to the advertisement.

One man said he feared the posters could be an elaborate ploy by a local supervillain to draw out all of Nashville's superheroes and take over the city. "I just hope they are careful. It could be a trap," he told journalists. "Watch your backs, supes. Watch your backs."

For readers interested in trying out, the posted details include:

* No pay

* Must work nights

* Must provide own super suit

* Must know Kung Fu

Our calls to the Shadow Patriot for comment were unreturned at the time of this post.

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