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Nashville salon reopening Monday will be closed for Memorial Day

Nashville, TN - Hairloom Salon in West Nashville threw customers for a loop on Saturday when it posted on Facebook, "After eight long weeks, we are excited to announce we will finally be reopening on Monday. Please note we will be closed for Memorial Day."

The post confused many salon customers eager to get a trim. One woman commented, "So are you open or not?"

The salon's social media manager quickly wrote back, "Yes! We are open but closed for the holiday."

The explanation still left some with questions and customers reached out to Inquisitor Nashville's investigative team for help. We spoke to Hairloom Owner Carly Ann Miller to clear things up.

"I understand the confusion," Miller said. What we were trying to say is our business will reopen on Monday but the business itself will be closed in observance of Memorial Day."

Inquisitor Nashville (IN): "So the salon will be closed on Monday?"

Miller: "Well yes, but we will be open for business."

IN: "So can someone get a haircut on Monday?"

Miller: "Absolutely. As long as customers follow the Phase 2 guidelines, you can come in for a haircut on Monday if the business is open."

IN: "Which you are not?"

Miller: "Yes and no, depending on your point of view."

There you have it. Customers who still have questions are encouraged to enjoy the holiday and visit the salon on Tuesday. Just call ahead to make sure they are open.

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