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Nashville shack listed for $8 million for April Fools sells in three minutes

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Bill Connors just wanted to have a little fun on April Fools' Day by listing his ramshackle shack for $8 million. Instead, he made a fortune.

"It was just a goof when I posted it, but I had six offers within 30 seconds," said Connors.

When Connors tried to explain to buyers that it was just a joke, they only raised their bids. One offered $10 million. Another offered $15.

The bidding war continued for two more minutes when a couple from California offered $20 million cash, as-is, sight unseen. Connors accepted the bid.

"I stopped there because I started feeling guilty. I mean, it has no electricity, no water, no gas, no sewage, and no wi-fi. Right now, it doesn't even have a floor. But hey, I tried to tell them."

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