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Nashville traffic enthusiast protests I-440 construction finishing month early

Nashville, TN - Earlier this week, TDOT announced that construction on Nashville's I-440 would finish a month ahead of schedule. While many Tennesseans have celebrated the news, one area man is not so excited.

Local traffic enthusiast Charles Hammond IV told The Inquisitor, "I'm so disappointed in this city. They promised us construction until August, now they say it will open next week. I feel like they are cheating us out of a whole month of backups."

Hammond says he depends on the extra time in traffic to mentally prepare on his way to work and to unwind on his way home.

"With the traffic, I can listen to an entire hour and a half podcast each way. Now, I'll probably only be able to listen to one a day, if that. So yeah, I'm angry."

Hammond says he plans to take the next week off work to stage daily protests near the remaining I-440 construction zones. He welcomes other traffic-lovers to join him.

I-440 is scheduled to fully reopen July 2.

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