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Nashville waiter slaps tourist for saying, “This is nothing. I’m from the North," during snow storm

NASHVILLE, TN A simple conversation turned violent last night when an unidentified waiter at a downtown restaurant rightfully slapped a smart-ass tourist in the face. The righteous smack down came when the waiter politely commented on the raging snow storm outside to Michigan business man, Bob Tressle. Witnesses say Tressle laughed and said, “This is nothing. I’m from the North. We have picnics in this.” Tressle then proceeded to stand so the entire restaurant could see he was wearing shorts and flip-flops. That’s when the knightly server whacked the tourist on the face. Witnesses say the locals in the restaurant stood and applauded the server. He took a quick bow and disappeared through the kitchen. The Inquisitor spoke to the owner of the restaurant and Nashville native, Johnny D, who said, “I would like to apologize to Mr. Tressle. Though he certainly deserved it, we don’t condone that sort of behavior in my establishment.” No one at the restaurant was willing to give up the name of the server to authorities and the security recording was mysteriously erased. Many locals are calling the heroic server the Defender of Nashville and a GoFundMe account was setup in his honor. It has already past $44,000. Tressle was unharmed in the incident, but visibly embarrassed. One witness said Tressle tried to play it off, saying, “That was nothing. I’m from Detroit.” but immediately left the restaurant and high-tailed it north on 65.


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