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Nashville workers gather to swap courageous tales of commuting in 2020 blizzard

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Nashville, TN - Employees across Nashville are gathering this morning to swap courageous tales of commuting in the treacherous blizzard of 2020.

One worker was overheard telling his team, "The car in front of me like slammed on its breaks and I had to like slow down. It was scary."

Most workers we spoke to expressed pride in their driving achievement and made a point to remind their managers that they showed up for work while so many others either called out or asked to work from home. One worker said, "Some people are just not as dedicated as others, but I'm here and ready to grow with this company."

Another staff member at a local business reminded his team for the tenth time in two years, "Well, I'm from Michigan, so this is a joke."

This is a developing story.

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Good Mental Health is No Joke

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