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Nashville Zoo spider monkey disappointed dropped phone only crappy iPhone 6

Antioch, TN - A spider monkey at the Nashville Zoo expressed severe disappointment on Wednesday when a phone dropped in its enclosure turned out to be an outdated iPhone 6, not the iPhone 11.

Coco, the spider monkey, reportedly stole the phone when a visitor dropped it in the exhibit while taking a photo. Coco then retreated to a safe distance to examine his score and discovered it was the older, obsolete model.

A local primate language expert told reporters, "Coco says he's frustrated that he wasted his time climbing over to the fence for a crappy iPhone 6. He's pointing out that the 6 isn't even supported by Apple anymore and he wanted an 11."

Witnesses say Coco through a temper tantrum before throwing the phone back at its original owner and turning his back on visitors.

Zoo officials say Coco was still exhibiting signs of disappointment on Wednesday evening but did show improvement by throwing feces at the crowd before closing time.

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