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Bart Durham named 1st round draft pick by New England

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Bart Durham named #1 draft pick

In an unexpected turn, New England has selected Nashville's Bart Durham as their 1st round draft pick for 2019.

There was great speculation about which rising star they would choose, but no one anticipated this bold selection. One analyst said, "Brilliant choice! New England continues to outplay the rest of the league even in the off-season."

It is unclear if Durham will replace Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, who announced his retirement earlier this year or if he will take on a different position for the six-time champions. Regardless, it will be one fascinating season and Durham is sure to be a favorite among fantasy football league enthusiasts.

It is also unclear what this will mean for Durham's successful injury law practice that has served the Nashville community since 1976. Fans of Durham and New England alike cheered at the announcement, but many Nashvillians are already feeling bittersweet that they may no longer be able to enjoy his touching commercials.


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