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New Georgia election-themed escape room gives you 60 minutes to find 11,780 votes

Atlanta, Georgia - On Monday, Escape Roomz, LLC introduced its newest escape room for 2021, Stop The Steal. The Atlanta-based entertainment company described the election-themed room as follows on their website:

Time is running out, and the election is at stake. Georgia, it's up to you. You have 60 minutes to follow the clues and find 11,780 votes. Only you can Stop The Steal!

Escape Roomz CEO Steve Hartley said he came up with the idea over the weekend and spent all day Sunday converting the space and hiding the 11,780 ballots throughout the room.

"We're excited to offer customers this unique opportunity to play a part in this historic election," said Hartley. "We can't wait for you to play."

The room is scheduled to open on Monday at 3:00 p.m. Reservations will be scheduled every four hours, allowing the staff time to reset the room's nearly 12,000 ballots.

Tickets are $28.75 per person, and customers will be required to follow social distancing protocols.

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