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New truck convoy to travel from Los Angeles to D.C. to protest gas prices

Los Angeles, CA - Just as a 550-vehicle Freedom Convoy reaches Washington, D.C., a new convoy is being organized in Los Angels to make a 10-day trip in protest of gas prices.

"Hey brothers and sisters, these gas prices are insane, and it's time we fight back. I say we make the 2,700-mile drive and show those jerks we're not going to take it. Who's with me?" wrote Chuckster2024 on social media.

Chuckster already had a half-dozen participants at the time of this post, including his wife, daughter, and other family members. But many had conditions.

One man replied, "Hey bro, I'm totally in. But can I ride with someone? My truck only gets 15 mpg."

"I'll go. But I will need help with gas money, and possibly new tires," wrote a sister in Nevada.

An itinerary posted early Saturday shows the convoy departing L.A. on Sunday, with stops to visit relatives along the route. They hope to visit Aunt Lynette in Nashville next Saturday.

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