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New Uber chEATS app will discreetly deliver foods you resolved to give up in new year

Nashville, TN - Uber announced a new delivery option today called Uber chEATS that will discreetly deliver all the foods you resolved to give up in the new year with no questions asked.

Customers can simply select the Uber chEATS option from their standard Uber Eats app, alerting the driver to deliver the items in nondescript packaging. You can also choose a confidential drop-off location including side street, back alley, garage, etc.

As an added level of privacy, you can select a fictitious company name to appear on any bank statements or receipts. Popular made-up options include FitnessProTime, Vitaminium, ResolveStrong Inc., but you can also create your own.

One anonymous customer told The Inquisitor, "This new feature is a life-saver. My wife and I committed to a no-carb diet and it's awful. I think this app just saved my marriage."

Uber chEATS will be piloted in 20 different markets, including Nashville, beginning January 4.

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