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Newly-found 45,000-year-old painting reveals Neanderthal artist was 1-star at best

Indonesia - According to experts, a newly found 45,000-year-old cave painting reveals the Neanderthal artist was 1-star at best.

"It's supposed to be a pig," said art antiquity expert Charles Gupta. "But his brush management was dreadful."

Gupta is not alone. A closer examination of the painting shows that even the painter's art community only rated the drawing 1 out of 5 stars.

Art instructor Kevin Phillips told reporters, "Chances are good that this painter was banished or worse after this atrocity. It isn't good. I actually can't find one positive thing to say about it."

The Indonesian Art Preservation Society is begging archeologists to stop all excavations in the area to prevent more paintings by the artist from being discovered. They are also hoping to seal up the cave where the drawing was found in the coming days.

A spokesperson for the society said, "Some things are better left forgotten by time. This artist is one of them."

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