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Newly reopened salon has emergency opening for full-time hair sweeper

Nashville, TN - Local hair salon Bangs for Your Buck posted an emergency opening for a full-time hair sweeper on on Monday after experiencing unprecedented demand on its first day back in operation.

According to reports, the popular salon had hair piled up 3-feet deep by 10 a.m. and heading to five feet by noon. By one o'clock, customers were beginning to notice.

"That's when I knew I had to do something," said store manager Chris Ronan. "I posted the job on Indeed as quickly as possible. I didn't even clear it with corporate."

The official job description reads, "In this exciting and fast-paced role as Hair Relocation Specialist, you will be solely responsible for sweeping the entire salon and relocating the trimmings to the dump trucks waiting out back."

According to the posting, there were only three requirements listed for the job:

  • Must have open availability and be willing to work overtime

  • Must be able to lift 100 lbs

  • Must have a strong stomach

The current rate of pay is listed as $12.00 with an additional $2 bonus per truckload.

At the moment, the job is listed as a temporary position but Ronan says it could lead to a permanent role for the right candidate.

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