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NFL watch party with usual crowd of five, restricted to 20%

Nashville, TN - NFL football returns this weekend with changes both on and off the field due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many teams will be playing to an empty stadium while others will be competing with a limited crowd.

This is also true of home-based watch parties throughout the country.

Nashville homeowner Steve Gilbert has been hosting weekly NFL parties with his four best friends for the past nine years. Now, Gilbert and his wife Karen are making some changes.

Gilbert told reporters, "After discussing the risks with my wife, she feels...I mean we feel... that restricting attendance to 20% inside the venue is the safest option."

Steve went on to say that he hopes to renegotiate the attendance up to 40% later this fall, but it all depends on the testing numbers and his Karen's approval.

In the meantime, Karen has agreed to let additional attendees tailgate outside in the driveway and watch the game through the windows.

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