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Nostradamus terrifyingly predicts global taco shortage, new Nickelback album in 2021

Paris, France - French astrologer Nostradamus is best known for the prophecies he published in his 1555 book Les Prophéties. The collection of 942 poetic quatrains has accurately foretold many world events. Now, scholars are revealing the famed seer's predictions for 2021. Some are, well, terrifying.

While most seem fine with his visions of asteroids hitting Earth, world war, and a zombie apocalypse, there are two prophesies striking fear in millions around the world: a global taco shortage and a new album by Nickelback.

Scholars discovered the taco shortage prediction in Quatrain 361:

From east to west, north to south, no meat-filled shells shall be found.

Tears shall fill the sea, but no crunch will be heard on Earth.

The Nickelback prophecy was found in Quatrain 383:

Then the back of nickel shall send forth a spinning disc

and the dissonant symphony shall plague the ears of the west

According to leading Nostradamus scholar Jacque Dupree, 2021 may not turn out as horrible as it first appears.

Dupree told reporters, "There is still a light of hope. If any of the predicted apocalypses happen before the Nickelback-Taco prophecies, we may all be spared."

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