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Note: If wife says 'you don't need to get me anything for Christmas' get her something for Christmas

Nashville, TN - Sources say that local realtor, Shawn Easton, woke up the morning after Christmas to the deafening sound of silence from his wife, Ellen.

According to reports, the problem all stems from a miscommunication where Ellen told Shawn, "you don't need to get me anything for Christmas" and he listened. Shawn says he honored her request, only to learn on Christmas Day that she really meant, "get me something for Christmas."

Relationship expert, Joan Clemmons, says, "This is a common misconception that can easily be avoided by always getting your partner a gift no matter what they say."

Shawn attempted to rectify his mistake on Christmas night but was limited to a gas station rose and Dairy Queen gift card. Witnesses say Ellen accepted the gift by politely saying, "very thoughtful" and heading to bed early.

Shawn says he hopes to make it up to Ellen on Thursday night when he can swing by Walmart on his way home from work. Ellen chose not to comment on the situation.

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