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Nunchucks ranked top item on local Winter Storm Checklist

Nashville, TN - A local news channel released its annual Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist on Saturday, ranking nunchucks as the top item.

"With so many uses, including self-defense, exercise, breaking patches of ice, and a makeshift tourniquet, we name nunchucks as #1 on our 2022 list," said meteorologist Daniella Consuella.

This is the first time nunchucks has made the list since 1998, when it was propelled by the popularity of the hit song Kung Fu Fighting.

"In '98, you didn't go anywhere without your chucks. They were as common as your cellphone. But, I was surprised to see them on the list 2022," said retired weather personality Steve Butler.

The renewed popularity of the item is already causing shortages at flea markets across the country. However, Amazon still had a few in stock at the time of this post.

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