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Ok, Nashville. Despite what your southern friends say, Urkel is not moving to town. It's Oracle.

Nashville, TN - While there has been much excitement over Oracle bringing 8,500 jobs to Music City, there has also been a lot of confusion.

Despite what your southern friends may say, Urkel, the beloved fictional character from the 90's sitcom Family Matters, is not moving to town.

Oracle, the prominent software and computer technology corporation, does have plans to open a Music City hub.

According to language professor Charles Xavier III, it is a common mistake in the south.

"It really comes down to phonetics," said Xavier. "Urkle is pronounced Ur-kull, whereas Oracle is pronounced Or-uh-kull."

One man we interviewed said he was devastated after learning Steve Urkel wasn't moving to Nashville.

"My buddy from Alabama swore up and down that Urkel was moving here. To find out it's just a multi-billion dollar technology company is a real letdown."

When he questioned his friend over the mistake, the friend reportedly replied, "Did I say that?"

In related news, Jaleel White, the actor who played Urkel, has started his own cannabis brand called Purple Urkle.

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