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OK, Nashville: Who put the masks on the naked statues?

Nashville, TN - If you've driven down Nashville's famed Music Row over the last couple of days, you may have noticed that the naked dancers featured in the Musica sculpture are now wearing face masks.

The big question is who did it and why? Was it meant as a childish prank or does it have a deeper meaning?

Some say the addition of the masks was a conscious move to remind us through art that while we should be cautious, we must also remember to celebrate life like the frolicking nude dancers in the sculpture.

Others believe it was some disrespectful kid wasting perfectly-good masks to reface a beloved work of art.

One man passing by told The Inquisitor, "I think it was some punk teenager like Jimmy Pearl who stole the masks from his dad's paint shop and did it on a $20 dare by his buddy, Carl Simpson."

In any case, the Musica mystery has Nashville buzzing and amateur detectives everywhere trying to discover the identity of the evil, or possibly benevolent, genius. We may never know.

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Michael Poindexter
Michael Poindexter
Mar 23, 2020

Photoshop but still funny.


Mar 22, 2020

The statues are about twice life-size, so these masks had to be made specifically for them. I am laughing at the fact that one of the statues is using a mask as a fig leaf.

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