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Old friends bond over CMA Fest road trip, 6-hour Luke Bryan sing-a-long

Nashville, TN- Carol Johnson and Betty Owens have been friends since the 4th grade. So, when Carol asked Betty to join her on a road trip to Nashville for CMA Fest, Betty didn't hesitate very long.

"I'm not a huge country music fan, but we don't get to see each other very often. It's going to be great," Betty said before the trip.

The duo set out early on Tuesday for the 8-hour trip, and everything was going smoothly until Carol suggested they spend the last six hours of the drive doing a marathon Luke Bryan sing-a-long of his entire album collection.

According to reports, the song-fest continued for about a half-hour before Betty accidentally smashed the radio with a metal water bottle.

Fortunately, Carol had a replacement radio in the trunk, and after a quick installation, the sing-a-long continued for the remainder of the trip.

Betty told reporters in confidence, "Listen, I love Luke Bryan. What I don't love is 6-hours of Carol singing Luke Bryan. But hey, I survived."

Still, Betty says she is excited about the upcoming festival and spending quiet time with Carol.

The old friends plan to stay through Sunday, but Betty has reportedly decided to fly back instead of drive. An explanation was not given at the time of this printing.

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