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Old Hickory's No. 1 Chinese Restaurant drops to No. 2 after caught washing supplies in lake

Old Hickory, TN - Old Hickory's No. 1 Chinese Restaurant dropped to No. 2 today after employees were filmed washing rags and supplies in Old Hickory Lake.

Restaurant patrons were shocked by the news. One regular patron, who was enjoying the chef's special, told reporters, "I can't believe this. I've been coming here for years and they've always been No. 1. It's going to take some getting used to. I just hope they don't make any changes to their kitchen practices. This place is delicious."

Another disappointed patron told journalists, "It makes me sick to my stomach. How can they just change to No. 2 overnight? It doesn't seem right."

Many other customers said they planned to call the Better Business Bureau in support of the restaurant and fill social media with positive reviews in attempt to restore them to No. 1.

The restaurant manager was not available for comment as he was running an errand down by the lake.

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