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Online dater unsure if match has mole or just raisin on screen

Nashville, TN - Online dater Karl Davidson was thrilled when he received a notification that a popular dating site had matched him with HappyGirl_32. And the moment he saw her profile picture, he was already smitten.

"My first thought was, Wow! She's beautiful," said Davidson. "She is totally out of my league."

He eagerly clicked on the small thumbnail to enlarge the image. To his surprise, she was even more attractive than he initially thought.

Davidson told reporters, "I didn't see it in the smaller photo, but I noticed she has the cutest little mole on her nose."

A co-worker says Davidson stared at the photo a long time before a confused look came over his face. Then, he called the co-worker over to his computer to take a look at the screen.

"Karl asked me if I thought the girl on the screen had a mole or if it was just a raisin on the screen. I couldn't tell."

Seconds later, Karl pulled a cloth from his desk drawer and began wiping the screen.

At the time of this posting, it is still unclear if it is actually a mole or a raisin leftover from Davidson's morning oatmeal. Either way, he is excited to meet her.

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