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Only American teen who hasn't downloaded TikTok relieved Trump ban averted

Cottonwood Falls, KS - 16-year-old Billy Shuster is breathing easier this morning after President Trump delayed the ban of TikTok downloads until the Chinese-owned company can reach a deal with Walmart and Oracle.

Records show that Shuster is the only American under 20 who doesn't have the app installed on his device. The ban would have prevented him from downloading the video-sharing platform from popular app stores. Current users remain unaffected.

Shuster told reporters, "I'm just so relieved I have more time to get it on my phone. I've been so stressed out about it. Otherwise, I would have had to watch on my brother's phone, or my grandma's, or my girlfriend's, or my priest's. Thanks, President Trump."

According to download reports, there were over 180 million TikTok downloads on Saturday ahead of the ban deadline. It is estimated that .001% of all Americans would have been impacted by the ban, a testament to Trump's commitment to protecting Americans from China.

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