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Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man go off the grid after Potato Head rebranding

Nashville, TN - According to reports, Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man are lying low, off the grid after Hasbro decided to rebrand fellow classics Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head as simply Potato Head.

Pac-man historian Mitch Williams says a Pac-man/Ms. Pac-man rebranding could be inevitable, but will not be as simple.

"Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man present an interesting rebranding challenge. If you drop the "Ms.," you still have the "man." I suspect they will eventually become Pac-person or just Pac," said Williams.

Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man virtually disappeared overnight, leaving no clues to their whereabouts. It is unclear if their disappearance will be enough, or they will eventually have to give up the ghost.

This is a developing story.

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