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Perseverance rover attends first day of new employee orientation

Mars- Less than 24 hours after completing a 300 million mile journey to Mars, NASA's Perseverance rover has begun its first full day of new employee orientation.

According to a company trainer, the rover must complete the 8-hour class before beginning work. The program schedule includes a team-building ice-breaker with fellow rovers, followed by in-depth presentations on HR policies, safety, harassment, and social media. The last two hours are a tour of the Jezero Crater.

Initial reports suggest that the jet-lagged rover has been nodding off during a few of the HR portions and has been asked to stay awake on multiple occasions.

"We called it Perseverance for a reason. It's going to need it just to get through orientation," said one NASA engineer.

Perseverance is scheduled to begin work tomorrow if it can make it through the class.

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