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Photographer captures rare photo of Tom Brady with brother Greg at Foxborough

Foxborough, MA - A Boston-based photographer captured a rare photo of Tom Brady with his brother Greg on Sunday ahead of the Buccaneers vs. Patriots game at Foxborough Stadium.

Sources say Greg flew in to support his brother as Tom returned to the stadium he called home for 20 years. The two were photographed during a private tour of the facility on Sunday afternoon before fans arrived.

"This photo is rare because Greg tends to shy away from the spotlight. There are so few photos of Tom and Greg together as adults that people forget Tom has a brother," said Tom Brady biographer Joe Capella.

According to Capella, Greg lost interest in fame when his music career under the name "Johnny Bravo" went south. He now works as an obstetrician and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Nora and son Kevin.

Asked for comment about the photo and Tom's win over the Patriots, Greg said, "Groovy."

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