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Post Office announces shipping deadline for on-time holiday deliveries is September 15

Nashville, TN - The Post Office announced this week that the 2021 shipping deadline for on-time holiday deliveries is September 15.

"We realize the deadline is earlier than past years, but September 15 is the last day we can guarantee your gifts will arrive on time," a spokesperson said on October 16.

Countless customers were frustrated with the move, saying they don't begin their shopping until later in the season.

One man told reporters, "I usually send off my gifts around December 23rd and it's never been a problem. So yeah, I'm mad. They need to be more proactive."

Others were excited about the new deadline, saying it gives them a good excuse for not sending gifts.

"This is awesome," wrote one anonymous man on social media. "I already told my family that I missed the deadline, but will get them something extra nice next year. Off the hook!"

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