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UPDATE: Emilio Estevez fired as head coach of Predators

UPDATE: Yesterday morning, The Inquisitor reported that Emilio Estevez had been named head coach of the Nashville Predators. Just hours later, he was fired by the hockey club unexpectedly. The new new head coach is John Hynes.


Nashville, TN - The Nashville Predators announced this morning that Emilio Estevez from The Mighty Ducks will take over coaching duties after the dismissal of Peter Laviolette.

Coach Estevez is best known for leading his team to a nail-biting victory against the Hawks in the 1992 championship. After a couple of repeat appearances, the famed coach disappeared from the spotlight, until now.

A spokesperson for the Predators told The Inquisitor, "Coach Estevez is a perfect fit for our club. After watching the tapes of how he turned The Mighty Ducks around, this decision was easy. I can't wait to see what he will do with our team."

The Predators are currently sitting at 19-15-7 with 41 games left in regular season.

The Inquisitor reached out to Coach Estevez but he had no comment.

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