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Protester refuses to eat until Mac & Cheese is removed from Meat & 3’s vegetable list

Updated: May 31, 2019

Protester insists Mac & Cheese is not a vegetable

Charles Hammond IV is not a fan of Nashville’s Meat & 3s and he wants the world to know. The recent LA transplant has been protesting outside several of Music City’s most popular cafeterias over the last week, demanding that Mac & Cheese be removed from their vegetable listings immediately.

His frustration stems from his first experience at a Meat & 3 just two weeks ago when he noticed the misplaced item on the vegetable menu and brought it to the cashier’s attention. Hammond told reporters, “I told her Mac & Cheese is not a vegetable and she laughed in my face. She said, ‘it is in Nashville’ and began arguing with me. That’s when they asked me to leave and my life's purpose became clear.”

Today, Hammond raised the stakes even higher by announcing he will not eat until the menus are corrected at all of Nashville's Meet & 3 venues. At the time of this posting, Hammond was outside of Arnold’s Country Kitchen, three hours into his hunger strike.

Some witnesses say his resolve is already showing signs of weakening and he has been eyeing customers’ doggy-bags on their way to the parking lot. Hammond insists his will is strong. “Sure, it smells like freaking heaven in there and I'd kill for some creamed corn; but I’m not giving up. This is too important to too many people.” He then asked his lone supporter to go in and check if they had changed the menu yet and see if they had any chess pie left.

One Meat & 3 owner, who asked to remain anonymous, told reporters, “Yeah, we're not changing anything, but we'll be happy to offer Mr. Hammond a complimentary veggie plate of Mac & Cheese when he is ready.”

This is a developing story.


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