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Proud parents pick out second shelf for son's participation trophies

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

FRANKLIN, TN The Howard family found themselves in a predicament last week when they tried to add a new participation trophy to their son’s Victory Shelf. “There were just too many, said Chad's mother, Bailey. “The shelf was bowing in the center.” After considering removing some of the older I Showed Up and You Tried awards, they realized there was only one thing to do. “I logged onto IKEA immediately and ordered a matching shelf,” said Chad's proud father, Devon. “We are going to move them both to the living room so everyone can see Chad’s accomplishments.”

The new shelf is expected to arrive this week and the family is already preparing the living room for the addition. They expect the new shelf to be filled by the end of summer, as Chad plans to play tennis, baseball, and swim at the local YMCA. Chad was also scheduled to sing in a talent show later this month but his parent's withdrew him when they realized it was an actual contest.


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