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Regis Philbin spotted following Kathie Lee around Radnor Lake

Nashville, TN - The Today Show cast are not the only TV celebrities visiting Kathie Lee Gifford in Nashville this week. According to eye witness reports, Regis Philbin was also spotted earlier this morning following Kathie Lee around Radnor Lake. It is unclear if Gifford was aware of Philbin's presence or not.

One witness speculated, "I think he just misses her. They spent a lot of years together. It's kind of sweet. Creepy, but sweet." Others suggested that Philbin, who retired in 2011, is bored or jealous of Gifford's incredible burst of creativity since she moved to Nashville.

As previously reported, Kathie Lee moved to Music City earlier this year and has already been doing incredible things around the city. Along with her charitable work, the famed talk show host has been recording music, making movies and writing books. Still, she finds time to get outdoors and enjoy middle Tennessee.

The Inquisitor sent journalists to Radnor but they were unable to locate Philbin for comment.

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